t e n f l e x

With special notifications,
follow your orders instantly.

Create Orders
With One Click

After the tender, you can convert the offers you selected into an order with one click. You can ensure that your orders, which are formed by taking into account the item details specified in the tender and the price and delivery date specified in the bid detail, are sent to your suppliers immediately. You can also inform the other invited companies, which are not ordered, in this regard.

Workflow and
Order Tracking

With the advanced workflow infrastructure, you can also create your organization's hierarchy and order approval flow on Tenflex, without the need for an additional application. You can view and approve the documents waiting for your approval from all devices. You can easily view who approves the documents from the details of the relevant form.

Order Integration

You can transfer the orders you create in Tenflex to your own application with ERP integration, and send the approval details to Tenflex after managing the approval process in your own application. In this way, while providing supplier communication with Tenflex, you can keep all data synchronized with your own ERP application.

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