t e n f l e x

Competitive tenders with
flexible tender setup.

Dynamic RFI Forms

In a purchase whose technical details are not clear, you can use the dynamic RFI form feature to reach technical agreement with your invited companies before the request for quotation. You can easily compare the details you will receive from your invited companies with the RFI forms, which are completely under your control, and you can switch to the RFQ and Tender processes according to their qualifications.

RFQ and Tender Management

With the RFQ, you can dynamically manage the bidding of invited companies for parameters other than price. In tender processes, it can receive competitive offers with rich tender options; with the template library, you can create your tenders in seconds.

Reports and
Bid Selection

With summary and detailed reporting options, you can easily evaluate the offers in your request for proposal and tender processes; you can make your offer preference without wasting time. With the reports you can get parametrically, you can see the long-term benefits and the actual savings and you can monitor your KPI's.

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